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Raindrops in a Cartoon Sunrise

Raindrops in a cartoon sunrise, finally know what its like to feel what I’ve known inside
Its finally come together, so warm within the shelter of my mind
Peaceful night of an island dream, shaken by reality on an easy breeze
And all I do is stand alone and watch my stars disappear into the foam

Raindrops, sunrise
The most beautiful colored eyes
To see clear through the ages
The all that is that knows no lies
The shape of life, it has no sides
And all I can do is stare, with amazement

Well I packed my bags and I left that place, surrounded by familiar faces at my side
And though I knew not a name, I knew our hearts were all the same and feeling fine
Well home it never was the same, and everything just seemed insane—it probably was
All the fighting and the bickering, the talking heads and TV screens, they screamed

For many years now I’ve sought that beach, where the whole world it seemed at peace, waves at my feet.
Only now I’ve realized that we’ve always carried it inside.
A debt of gratitude is due to all my friends who have carried on this sunrise too
Though time and space keep us apart, like the Earth to the Sun we’re forever bound heart to heart.

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